Branches HR, Marketing, Finance
Duration 2 years
Affiliation AKTU (Formely UPTU), Lucknow
Approval AICTE
Number of Seats 120

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a postgraduate degree that is awarded to students who have mastered the study of business. The MBA degree is thought to be one of the most prestigious and sought after degrees in the world. Students of MBA programs study the theory and application of business and management principles. This type of study equips students with knowledge that can be applied to a variety of real world business situations.

Why Get an MBA Degree?

The main reason to attend Business School is to increase your salary potential and advance your career. Graduates who hold an MBA degree are eligible for jobs that would not be offered to those who hold only a high school diploma or graduate degree. MBA degree is almost a necessity in today’s business world. In most cases, an MBA degree is required for executive and senior management positions. There are some companies who will not even consider applicants unless they have an MBA degree. People who hold an MBA degree will find that there are many different types of employment opportunities that are available to them.